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Physical Address: 7250 East 75th Street
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Here are some resources that introduce you to the biological concepts engineers should understand:

  • central dogma: DNA...transcription...RNA...translation...protein...(protein function...trait)

Short Version: (Links to an external site.)

Great Explanation That Takes 14 Minutes!: (Links to an external site.)

  • Controlling Gene Expression
    • operon: a set of genes and chemical factors that control the manufacture of a protein
    • operon example: (inducible) lac operon
      • we can make an on/off switch out of repressor & inducer molecules on an operator site
      • we can use upstream promoter region as tool to control rate of production (Links to an external site.)

Biotech  Essentials

  • recombinant DNA (rDNA) means splicing the DNA of two or more species
  • plasmids are circular segments of DNA bacteria and yeast share; when a new plasmid is taken in and expressed, it is called transformation
  • plasmids can be designed for molecular cloning, which means coded to produce a certain protein  
  • plasmid design always includes an "antibiotic selection marker" gene
    • codes for resistance to an antibiotic, so any bacteria that have successfully transformed (taken in the plasmid) can survive if exposed to the antibiotic
    • only the transformed organisms will survive when grown in antibiotics, and all others will die; this is called "selection" (Links to an external site.)